Can’t Relax? These 6 Ayurvedic Tips Will Help You Transition to Calm

Use self-care rituals to unwind at home or during your travels.

“Once I let go of my ‘must do’ mentality, my relaxation perspective took a pleasant turn.”

Courtesy of BodyHoliday

After booking a solo getaway to a wellness center in Saint Lucia, I counted down the days until I could sip from a fresh coconut on the beach, SUP in the warm Caribbean waters, and let my worries go “poof!” No kids vying for my attention (I’m a mom of two preschoolers). No work deadlines or late-night scrolling (ahem, Liking) on my phone. Just five whole days of blissfully ignoring everything else in favor of spa treatments, yoga, and self-care. 

But when I finally landed on the island, my relaxation fantasy wasn’t quite the reality I had envisioned. BodyHoliday, a 42-acre beachside wellness resort, is paradise. The lush grounds and hillside Alhambra-inspired spa fortress—complete with its own reflecting pool and a designated Ayurvedic center—were exactly what I needed in my life. So why did I feel a pang of angst instead of vacationer’s euphoria?

Turns out, I’m a creature of habit, and the sudden lack of structure in my day combined with what seemed like limitless choices of resort activities—archery, chanting, tai chi—sent me into a mild panic. My list-making mentality backfired, and seeking calm and relaxing activities became stressful.